Welcome to a new idea - the idea that you can build your own effective Risk Management system with some simple guidance and tools. RiskScorecard.net provides those for you. In this site you will find all the learnings, tools, on-line support and a cloud-based reporting tool to get you managing risk within just a few days!

Clients say

Introducing the risk scorecard was easy – RiskScorecard.net gave us the first three months for free, had a great Do-It-Yourself website with all the tools (excel, cloud, etc.) and e-learning steps and provided endless phone and web support. They even...

Bob Williams

Transnational organization
The risk scorecard has allowed the board and management to get aligned around our key risks, understand their possible strategic impact, see which risks might be currently occurring, and understand what processes and projects are related. We’ve reduced the cost and...

Andrea Johnson

Department of Transportation of a Major City
We built our risk scorecard in just 2 days, and we didn’t have a documented strategy, risk register, risk appetite, or measures! ...

Pierre Laflamme

Small business